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We love learning how our approach helps our clients – here are their testimonials


Duncan’s services and experience will be valuable to any business looking for growth

Farm Retail Association

Duncan has inspired us to examine the potential of our loyalty and EPOS system.

He has been a real asset with his knowledge and expertise on the sector

Boycott Farm

We are now utilising our EPOS system capabilities to a far greater extent… and we also see how and why our revenue has changed, so we can make decisions.

Will Simkin

Duncan was instrumental in persuading us to start our loyalty scheme and has fully supported throughout its successful launch

Jeremy Jagger

We are often so busy working in the business that we overlook underlying performance opportunities.

Duncan has helped to deliver insights in to how we are performing as a business, which has led to us work on the business. As a result of these insights, we have grown our revenue through increasing the number of transactions and basket spend.

Dan Hunt

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