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A Pointless Loyalty Scheme

To many retailers, a loyalty scheme is synonymous with points.

In fact, a well designed reward scheme is more engaging to customers than a points based scheme.

Calcott Hall Farm Shop engaged us to set up their loyalty scheme, without points

We looked at the purchasing of their customers and then designed a series of Reward Card offers for their customers. The offers are designed to attract customers to the scheme and to positively change their shopping behaviours.

The results so far:

Not only was the initial sign up level high, but also since it’s launch in August 2020, cardholder numbers have been growing every month as more customers see the value of the reward card.

Does your scheme see over 45% transactions containing a card? For Calcott Hall, this accounts for over 50% all revenue. These percentages mean we have a very strong read on the enhanced customer behaviours that a card can give a retailer.

Card holder spend has also been growing – the reward card offers are designed to encourage customers to spend more

Card holder spend remains some 35% above non card holder spend.

How does this compare to your scheme? We have similar results from other retailers who’ve engaged us to get the most out of their loyalty schemes.

If you’d like us to look at your Loyalty card scheme or advise on setting one up please get in touch.

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