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Jan 2017:

We've just got some results back on a Loyalty card activity. Read how positive the results were here

Nov 2016:

Mail Order Sales at The Garlic Farm on the Isle Of Wight up 20% YoY. Find out how by reading our case study here

June 2016:

Read or download our guide to achieving customer loyalty here

March 2014:

Read our blog on "the seven data insights of highly effective retailers"

Jan 2014:

Download our Free White Paper - Big data for the SME













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Strategic Data ReviewSearching your data

 A root and branch review of your current data sources

  • Are you getting the full story from your current data sources?
  • Do you need all the data you're collecting or buying in?
  • Do you have the right data to measure growth according to your business objectives?
  • Do your customer needs or behaviours match the demands of your current strategy / objectives? What should change - the strategy or the customer base?

We can make recommendations to help you ensure your data is working for you as hard as you are.

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