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Jan 2017:

We've just got some results back on a Loyalty card activity. Read how positive the results were here

Nov 2016:

Mail Order Sales at The Garlic Farm on the Isle Of Wight up 20% YoY. Find out how by reading our case study here

June 2016:

Read or download our guide to achieving customer loyalty here

March 2014:

Read our blog on "the seven data insights of highly effective retailers"

Jan 2014:

Download our Free White Paper - Big data for the SME













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Today's savvy consumer ably exercises choice over where they shop or access any item / service. They use an increasingly wide variety of channels to access information on a company or service.
Progressive retailers and service providers are also amassing more data on their customers than ever before, through these communication channels.
At Data Strategy Consulting Limited, we know consumers will stay loyal to companies who both offer them good value / service, but who also understand (and respond to) their individual needs.
Together with our clients we create customer growth strategies that engender loyalty and grow profits through identifying shopping behaviours in our clients sales data and developing these behaviours to grow sales:
Our approach is to:
1/ Inform:
Using your data we deliver insights on customer behaviour at customer, basket, department and product level. This enables us to propose objectives that will grow your business by addressing the GAP
2/ Measure:
Unless you measure appropriate metrics, you won't know how the activity has performed, so you can't...
3/ Enhance:
We seek to maximise your revenue through positively changing customer behaviours through a process of continuous improvement and optimisation

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