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Data Integration

The modern retailer uses many systems to deliver to their customers. We Know how data works and how systems communicate. This means we can help you to get your systems to work seamlessly in tandem, not in conflict.

We help our clients to manage and curate their data sources in order to harness the combined power of all their data sources.

Integration with other data sources and software

We can help you to integrate your EPOS database with:

  • Mailing software – e.g. Mailchimp, Constant Contact etc
  • Social Media
  • Online tools – e.g Online sales tools, Digitickets etc
  • Accounting packages

Our clients combine all their data sources to powerful effect.

Strategic Data Review

  • Are you getting the full story from your current data sources?
  • Do you need all the data you’re collecting or buying in?
  • Do you have the right data to measure growth according to your business objectives?
  • Do your customer needs or behaviours match the demands of your current strategy / objectives? What should change – the strategy or the customer base?

We can make recommendations to help you ensure your data is working for you as hard as you are.