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Customer Loyalty Schemes

We help our clients to understand their customers’ needs and behaviours through the analysis of Loyalty card data.

We us this to create customer development strategies that relevant to a given customer group, leading to a greater effect than the “one size fits all” approach

Our approach:

1/ Using our purpose built analysis tool, we can segment your current customers (using your data) into a manageable number of groups

2/ We examine these groups for trends and develop insight. Our specialism is hunting down the less obvious links – potentially across multiple data sources

3/  We then make recommendations on how our clients can use this insight to their benefit

This approach delivers measurable growth to your top line through greater customer loyalty and can help in managing bottom line costs.

We also help our clients to:

  • understand a card scheme benefits (to them and their customers)
  • deliver a schedule of effective customer development activity
  • Managing points liability