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Our Core Services

We are retail data specialists and seek to provide you with “Illuminating” insight and advice.

Our core services are structured around helping our clients to get access to the data they are storing and improve the curation and use of this valuable resource.

Please click on the links to read more about each area:

Enhanced EPOS Reporting

There’s more to a retail report than revenue. Revenue is important, of course, but more important is answering why that revenue has changed and understanding where you can maximise the revenue you generate.

Customer Loyalty Strategy

Having a Loyalty Card scheme does not make your customers any more loyal – Fact. 

However putting your customers’ needs and behaviours at the centre of how you communicate with them does.  Our Analysis helps our clients understand their customers behaviours

Maximising EPOS System Capabilities

We are expert in harnessing the potential of your EPOS system, helping you get the maximum return from your investment.  We also work closely with leading EPOS companies, so you’ll have the best independent advice on what your EPOS system can do for you.

Data Integration

Retailers need, and use, many different systems to manage their business and communicate with their customers.  We are expert in integrating these different data sources to give you a seamless single view, streamlined and effective campaigns and managing each database to ensure you have the right data in all systems

We understand databases and how to get the most out of data sets, so can help you with any other data challenges you may have.  Let us undertake a Strategic Data Review for you