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Our Approach

Data is everywhere, particularly in the Retail environment.

Leading retailers have personnel purely focused on seeking and exploiting the customer behaviours that they can see in the data they collect on their systems and databases.

Many smaller retailers simply do not have the resource to dedicate to this important role – and that assumes you have the staff with the specialist knowledge to access and unlock the data you are collecting – so many of these businesses can feel like they are overwhelmed by the prospect

Our business aims to be your insights department, giving you access to the rich resource, building on your EPOS database.

We work closely with our clients and we aim to help them through three key approaches:

1/ Inform:

Using your data we deliver insights on customer behaviour at all levels – customer, basket, department and product level. This enables us to propose objectives that will grow your business by developing your existing customers and attracting profitable new customers

2/ Measure:

Unless you measure appropriate metrics, you won’t know how the activity has performed.  We help our clients to set objectives and measure performance against those metrics

3/ Enhance:

We seek to maximise your revenue through positively changing customer behaviours through a process of continuous improvement and optimisation, securing more of your customers spend in your shop

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