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The Data Strategy Consulting Ltd Guide to Loyalty

Posted 29/11/2016

Customer Loyalty is a much talked about topic - the Holy Grail to some....

Read our guide on how to understand the needs of your customers - the key to winning their loyalty

Open the full post to download our guide

What is Customer Loyalty?

Loyalty is something you earn from your customers by meeting their needs. It is not Points, promotions or a card….

How is it achieved?

Your customers have choice. If you signpost their needs better than your competitors (inc online), then they will choose your outlet, because they see you understand their needs – so it feels right for them to shop with you.

Needs include: Ethics, Quality, Convenience, Sourcing

Price is not always the prime driver, but Value for money often is. If you meet their needs, for a price that they see as value for money, then you’ll earn their loyalty.

Needs are driven by the heart – what people want to do - Value is then rationalised by the head

How do I understand their needs?

Simplest way is to ask them – talk to them about why they shop with you. Other needs you can “see” in their shopping baskets by using the data, collected by your epos system. Having a reward card turns a transaction into a customer

Turn needs into Value for Money

Price and rewards are key in rationalising the “value” of shopping with you and this is where loyalty / reward schemes come into play

Loyalty feels good – customers give their loyalty because they like doing it – if they have no option, it feels like slavery, not loyalty


Contact us to discuss more about how to get the most out of your customers and win their loyalty or call Duncan on 01280 847459 or 07970 919659

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